Corporate Solutions

Churchfield Corporate Financial Solutions act as a pension-scheme broker for companies of all sizes as well as providing pension and retirement planning services for employees on a one-to-one basis. Initially we provide an independent assessment of your pension scheme and make recommendations on cost savings as well as offering a better proposition for employees in terms of scheme charges, retirement planning etc.


Benefits to Employer

  • Time saving in effective outsourcing of all pension queries
  • Financial saving in reduced scheme charges and PRSI savings from increased pension contributions
  • Well-being of employees protected and promoted

Benefits to Employee

  • Lower pension scheme charges which result in potentially higher pensions
  • Access to onsite retirement planning services to help protect their financial future
  • Access to onsite financial advice across all areas including mortgages, investments, insurances etc.


  • Initial Meeting and current arrangements analysis
  • Recommendation and proposal
  • Implement Strategy
  • Review 3 monthly initially and 12 monthly once service is established

Other Services

Retirement Planning

Churchfield provide Retirement Planning Seminars for employees nearing retirement, dealing with the financial and life implications of retirement. These can be done on a one-to-one basis or provided for groups of employees.

Redundancy Counselling

Churchfied provide redundancy counselling services specialising in the calculation of retirement benefits,assessing the different options available and looking at the financial implications of their decision.

Financial Planning Seminars

We can also organise financial well-being seminars for employees to provide information and advice to clients on a wide range of financial topics.

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